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Chemical Anchors

Standard Grey Polyester Resin 380ML

Where a heavy duty fixing is required in applications such as structural steelwork, heavy machinery, structural cladding, safety barriers or heavy-duty bracketry.

Features include stress free fixing, very high load performance and can be used with studs or sockets.

Giving the benefit of a fast installation using standard resin applicator and high close to edge installation loading.

Drill hole to correct diameter and recommended depth, remove debris and CLEAN HOLE THOROUGHLY. (This is crucial to be able to obtain a high loading). Insert mixer nozzle into hole and pump in the mortar. The stud or rebar being fixed is inserted by twisting and pushing to the bottom of the hole. After the recommended cure time fixture can be attached.

As well as supplying resin we also supply all the accessories you are likely to need including plastic sleeves, applicator tools, spare nozzles, blow out pumps, hole cleaning brushes as well as stocking stud anchors in various sizes.

Epoxy Acrylate Resin

Where there are extremely critical applications and where a slightly higher load is required an epoxy acrylate resin could be the answer, but all criteria must be considered including strengths of base materials and embedment. Application and procedure is very similar to the standard polyester based resin.

There is also a range of very specialised resins for use in extreme conditions such as very cold artic conditions or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, very hot tropical conditions. These are normally special order only.

Glass Spin-In Capsules

Stud is spun in when capsule is broken.
Glass capsules are high performance resin bonded anchor systems. Consisting of a resin mixture and a small tube filled with hardener which when mixed together evenly cure to give a high load anchorage point.

Glass Hammer-In Capsules

Similar to above but when using rebar which is hammered in.

Advantages on using the capsule systems becomes more apparent when carrying out a larger number of installations. Generally giving a slightly higher performance figure in most applications.

Comprehensive loading tables and technical literature available on all above products



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