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Established in 1994 TeePee Products Ltd has built a reputation for quality and service throughout the Roofing and Cladding industry. We never forget that although fasteners account for a relatively small percentage cost on most contracts the cost of incorrect selection, and delay is much higher, whilst their function and performance is critical.

With the experience, ability and facilities to give technical backup wherever necessary from working with customers bespoke fastener requirements, to simple fastener selection, we can supply the right products. Where there are critical applications, pull out tests can be carried out on site, or in house given suitable materials.

In 2001 we developed an “in house” Bi Hex Nylon Colour Head fastener manufacturing facility. This has allowed us to produce the very best product on the market place with a wide range of colour choices all with in house quality assurance. With production at over 600,000 fasteners per month and with the recent introduction of our washer assembly plant we have the production capacity to satisfy growing demand.

We are currently looking at extending our warrantee on cladding contracts for simplification and ease of use, but remember, as most other reputable fastener manufacturers and suppliers, we do carry product liability insurances for all our products.

Since opening our trade counter in 2006 we have been building up a comprehensive range of fixings, fastenings, consumables, and tools for all aspects of construction. We are now able to supply just about any fixing or fastener within 24 hours if it is not already on our shelf.

Mainland Britain shipments are sent next day delivery as standard either by parcel courier or for larger deliveries via pallet hauliers, with timed deliveries on request.

Why Use A Self Drill Screw?

Why Use A Self Drill Screw?A self drill fastener drills its own hole, taps a thread, and then fastens all in one operation. This entire process takes a fraction of the time of other fixing methods, and because a new drill bit is used every time and the size of this bit has been designed as the optimum for the application, the hole will always be the correct size. Problems such as worn out bits, incorrect bit choice and alignment are eliminated.

This obviously gives such an advantage that in many applications it is the only cost effective method of fixing.

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